Cooler Buildings - Residential

“Green Building” represents a comprehensive view of home construction, where the entire project is considered an interrelated system. The components of the building work together to reduce energy needs, make the home run more smoothly and be more comfortable. It is also more than just the home. It is the home’s surroundings, the landscaping. It is the neighborhood the home sits in. By recognizing that there are all interconnected, we can design a system that will function as a whole rather than a bunch of parts.

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Dark roofs absorb a tremendous amount of solar radiation and become extremely hot. Click here to learn more. The building materials in a home play a major role in energy efficiency. Click here to learn more. Today’s solar water heaters provide a reliable, proven, and effective technology. To learn more, click here. Windows are a major part of the structure’s defense against energy loss. To learn how to reduce loss through the windows click here. The performance of the air distribution or duct system of a home is critical to the efficiency of the air conditioner and furnace. To learn more click here. 80% of the energy used for washing is to heat the water, but newer washers are more efficient. Want to know more? Click here. Refrigerators are some of the biggest energy users in the average household. Click here to learn how to reduce this energy use. The efficiency of an air conditioner is determined by more than just the efficiency rating of the outdoor condenser. Want to know more, click here. Trees, shrubs and other plants can reduce solar heating in cities. New, improved compact fluorescent lighting can substantially reduce lighting costs while meeting aesthetic needs. Learn more by clicking here. Cities can save energy and decrease pollution by promoting the use of more efficient water heaters. To learn more, click here.